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LinguaLeap - The Vocabulary Builder.

My first step was to create a user persona to help me understand the user base of vocabulary learning applications

User Research

Usability Testing

UI Design


The Challenge:
To create the UX design for a new vocabulary learning application that's easy to use and that people enjoy using.

The Process: 
To start by best understanding competitor apps and their strengths/weaknesses, learn about existing app users for similar apps, and come up with design solutions.

The Goal:
A native app with an intuitive design. My personal goal was to develop my UX design skills as this was my first UX design project. 

User Persona

Rectangle 1182.jpg

Hypothesis Statement

To further my understanding in such a user base, I made a hypothesis statement for Katya as well as user stories and a problem statement:

Rectangle 1183.jpg
Rectangle 1184.jpg

User Stories

Rectangle 1184 (1).jpg

User Flow Chart - 01

Knowing now that a user like Katya would probably like having a way to practice her past mistakes and the ability to save words to view later, the next step was to create user flows for these desires. As shown below:

Rectangle 1184 (2).jpg

User Flow Chart - 02

Rectangle 1184 (3).jpg


At this point I decided it's time to start thinking about what the app would look like with these user flows, so I decided to start designing some low fidelity wireframes:  

Rectangle 1184 (4).jpg
Rectangle 1185.jpg
Rectangle 1186.jpg
Rectangle 1187.jpg

Usability Test Report

With my designs becoming closer to completion, I decided to create a clickable prototype and conduct usability tests to see if my design was as effective as I thought it to be.

My first step with this was creating a test script for myself as well as tasks for the participants to do during the test, the tasks were:

Once the usability tests were finished, I created a usability test report with participant observations, their severity, and recommendations for making them better: 

Rectangle 1184 (5).jpg

Revision For Task One

Going off of my severity rating, I decided whether to include the changes that were recommended. I ultimately decided that they were all worth implementing, so from there, I made the recommended changes: 

Rectangle 1184 (6).jpg
Rectangle 1185 (1).jpg
Rectangle 1186 (1).jpg
Rectangle 1187 (1).jpg

Future Steps:
Since this was a shorter project for my UX Careerfoundry course, I didn't dive into the UI aspect of this project. To continue this project and finish it the next steps would be creating the entire app's polished UI design and handing it off to the development team. 

I learned a lot from this project as it was my first ever UX design project. I learned all the ins and outs of going from just ideas to developing them into actual app designs. 

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